August Quickly Proves Me Bad At Maintaining A Blog

August is a weird month with hockey and basketball looming. It’s late in the summer, you’re trying get things rolling, but the tough part is you have to figure out what those things even are while a revolving door of key players (self included) try to soak up the final days of freedom. Then September hits and things get real.

Whatever the sport, the month before opening night you’re sprinting a marathon. So the month before two opening nights is sprinting a marathon while juggling. But the month before that month is sneakily time consuming. For every hour put in during September, there’s probably an hour of August planning behind it.

It’s one of my favorite months of the season though. Partly because the true reality of the hike ahead hasn’t quite set in yet, but mostly because the process of coming up with ideas with a swell group of people is fun. I get to hang out, crack wise, and work with people I like to make stuff that people enjoy.

It is a still a pretty bad time to start a personal project that needs regular tending. I don’t get the luxury of a bunch of minds in a room brainstorming for me on this one. But an effort is being made.

In the spirit of the posts earlier sentiments about the crew I work with, a high priority here is creating a credits page for all projects. Before I put a concerted effort to get actual eyeballs here, it’s only proper that folks who made it happen with me get those eyeballs, too.

The transition from a half-assed portfolio to a living site is creepin’ and maybe someday it can even turn into something entertaining, evening.